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What is jetcool cooling?

Animated explanation of high power electronics cooling

Our cooling is an innovative way to cool high-power, power-dense electronics. Our patent-pending twist on microjet cooling uses small jets of high velocity fluid to cool the device.  Instead of passing fluid over a surface like in typical heat sinks or cold plates, microjets are aimed directly at the surface.  Our cooling solutions:

  • produce very high heat transfer coefficients

  • come in packages the same size as the die

  • are lightweight, requiring no metals

  • don't use any thermal epoxies or pastes


How we stack up

Our thermal solutions offer exceptional cooling performance for high power electronics at the chip or device-scale.  Patent-pending technology produces a heat transfer coefficient 10x greater than competing approaches - enabling your devices to be more powerful, smaller, and more efficient.


What kinds of packages does it work with?

Bare Die to Full Board

We build performance cooling into many high power devices and device packages.  Whether embedded within the substrate, part of the base plate, or as a modular add-on, we can bring you the benefit of better cooling.  Check out our Products page for more ideas.

Amplifier Flanges

IGBT Packages

Laser Diodes



How do I use jetcool cooling?

Technical Resources

For end-users, we have made our cooling technology very easy to analyze during concept development and even easier to integrate during system build.  We have a number of technical resources available on our Resources page to help, all written by engineers!

technical tools

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