Technical Resources


We have several resources for learning about microjet cooling, and what it can do for you.

scientific peer-reviewed papers
Journal Articles & White Papers

To see how some customers use our microjet cooling solutions, download our journal articles or white papers.  The white paper also discusses a few things to think about when deciding if microjets are the best solution for you.

Embedded Microjets for Thermal Management of High Power-Density Electronic Devices.  IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology.  2018.

Practical Concerns for Adoption of Microjet Cooling.  ASME International Conference and Exhibition on Packaging and Integration of Electronic and Photonic Microsystems.  2018.

Tutorials (with downloadable simulation)

Want to know what your chip's max temperature or power could be if you switched to microjet cooling?  Download our free tutorial!  It includes step-by-step discussion and a Solidworks Simulation file to try yourself (license required).  You can even customize it with your device geometry for a quick answer on your own project.

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Other Resources

Have a deeper or more detailed question?  We have many other resources!  Search our continually growing Electronics Cooling Expert Blog to find an answer or post a question for the experts.  Chat with us for urgent sales or technical inquiries.  Subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to keep up with current trends.