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 Our Advanced Cooling Products

come in several flavors


Products for the Bare Die Level

Ultra-Compact, Best Performance

Our embedded chip cooling products bring the cooling within the die to achieve maximum performance in the smallest size possible.  These foundry-friendly solutions are typically added during chip fabrication, or a later packaging facility.

Embedded solutions eliminate the need for any thermal pastes and metal heat sinks.  They are so small that many don't realize the heat sink is built into the chip substrate. 

With multiple patent-pending technologies, our embedded cooling products are a great match for CPU/GPU/ASIC chips, 3D integrated memory chips, and die-level power amplifiers.


Products for the Component Level

Small Size, High Performance

Our component cooling products are designed for use at the component level, providing enhanced cooling in a small form factor.  These products are typically added by OEMs or by system integrators.

Modular component cooling solutions are removable and repairable.  They can be attached to existing packages by solder, gaskets, or adhesives.  In many cases they eliminate the need for thermal pastes, simplifying system assembly.

Our patent-pending component cooling products are a great fit  for customized or commercially-available power amplifiers, power inverters, and laser diodes.


Products for the Board Level

Easy Installation, High Performance

Our board-mounted cooling products are designed for easy installation on CPUs, GPUs, and ASICs.  These products attach to standard accessory screw patterns on circuit boards, and are compatible with common liquid cooling infrastructure.

Board-level cooling solutions provide an easy way to enhance the cooling of new or existing processors.  Their compact sizes also free up space within the box or rack.

Our easy-to-install board level cooling products are ideal solutions for data center builders, supercomputer facilities, or DIY desktop enthusiasts.


Products for the System Level

Two hoses in one

Smaller Hoses, Fewer Fittings

With large heat sinks now a thing of the past, you might  wonder about all those fluid hoses.  Our coaxial hoses and fittings reduce the number of fluid lines in your system by up to 50%. 

In addition to the space savings, our coaxial hoses and fittings include patent-pending technology to fortify the seal and reduce the risk of leaks.  By reducing the number of hoses, the number of potential failure points in the system is also reduced.

Coaxial fitting adapters are also available to convert to standard hose interfaces.

Not sure which is best?

Download our product comparison chart; it should help.

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