JETCOOL’s Cooling Solutions Optimize Free Cooling & Boost Sustainability by Maximizing Coolant Temperatures

Increase compute density, eliminate thermal constraints, and maximize sustainability efforts

Data centers are facing significant energy challenges as the demand for AI, ML, & big data grows.


Data centers consume an estimated 3% of the planet's total energy consumption with 30% of that attributed to cooling equipment. As power density and processor performance increase so do the expectations for cooling technology. Focused on sustainability, JETCOOL's next-generation cooling solutions are a perfect match for data centers pushing the limits of performance.

Read the case study now to discover how JETCOOL's cooling technology enables: 

  • 40% increase in compute speed over other liquid cooling solutions

  • 8% energy savings by raising coolant temperatures over 45°C

  • Optimized OPEX by balancing free cooling with evaporative cooling in any climate

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