Better cooling solutions can make the difference


Defense & Aerospace

Power Amplifiers, GaN HEMTs, Laser Diodes

Thermal variations can degrade performance in defense systems with symptoms that include: poor beam quality in phased array radar; low power added efficiency in transistors; and wavelength thermal drift in laser diodes. 

JETCOOL solutions bring best-in-class performance to defense systems.  Our low SWaP cooling approach can help eliminate temperature variations, even while increasing device power.  Whether one critical component or an array of hundreds, our solutions can scale with your system.  Tested with a variety of coolants, including hot fluids (65C).

Advanced Semiconductors

Processors, CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs

High performance processors and ASICs are achieving even greater levels of computational power for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality.  Their heat sinks are also becoming greater - in size. 

JETCOOL solutions are an integrated heat sink that produces the smallest cooling package available.  A true differentiator, our approach also provides better cooling, increasing computational power.


Data Centers

High-density Processors, GPUs, ASICs

Pushing the limits in data centers involves higher power processors, packed more densely.  Add-on modules to cool the processors typically take up much more volume than the processors themselves.

JETCOOL solutions come in highly compact packages, with the cooling power needed to pack processors closer than ever before.  Plus, they're virtually silent and, with a defense-pedigree, have been shown to work with multiple coolants, including hot (waste) coolant streams for real cost savings. 


Electric Vehicle Power Systems

Power Inverters, Motor Drives, IGBTs

Electric vehicle systems need to remain operational, even when under full load in a 120F sunny parking lot.  This can be challenging, especially for traction inverters and infotainment electronics.  The design becomes more challenging when large heat sinks are not an option due to their size, weight, or cost.

JETCOOL solutions can tap into existing vehicle coolant loops to provide local cooling to critical components, in a package no bigger than the component itself.  Plus, our solutions work with warm coolants and do not require metal heat sinks, saving weight and cost.


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